You have the talent, you have the desire,
We have the stage- set it on fire.

ENGINIOUS  2K16 is an idea-made reality when the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata joined hands with the society of Institution of Engineers’ (India).  This ‘jugal-bandhi’ will feature the confluence of the dependability and dependability of the society of IEI with the dedication and diligence of the Mechanical department of IEM. The camaraderie getting placed in this equation dictates the authenticity of this technical phenomenon.

Hence, to mark the inception of this grand affair, we welcome young individuals with creative and curious minds, robust vigor and unflinching will to participate in the events and prove their mettle.

So all you guys out there…have nerves of steel?

Cause core Engineering ain’t a task for indoor nerds.

ENGINIOUS  2K16 will be a pentagon event consisting of:

DATE: 28th-29th September, 2016.
VENUE: IEM Management House.